I’d love to share a little marketing tip with you, and it’s called the “WHO CARES” test. Now, I did not come up with this. This is a standard copywriting technique that I’m continually trying to get better at. And it’s a part of a workshop and training that I offer for how to create great posts and ads.

Once you get into the correct mindset that I’m going to share with you, it’s going to help you create social media posts and ads and develop a more effective marketing message.

Many times businesses and even marketing agencies, get into this habit of focusing on and talking about the business itself. We like to talk about the business, it’s our business and we love it. Sometimes it’s a particular product or service, and we talk about the features and all the things that this product or service has.

Anytime a customer can respond to that information with “Who cares?” or “Why should I care? What does it do for me?”, then we need to rework the message, rework the copy, or maybe take it out completely. 

So let me give you some examples. You see this all the time in TV commercials and ads. They say, “We’ve been family owned and operated for 30 years.” Who cares? Why should I care? How does that benefit me that you’ve been in business so long? It’s good for you and your business that you’ve existed for so long, but how does it benefit me? Does it allow you to have better quality? Do you avoid mistakes because of that? Maybe there’s a younger business, that has only been in business a few years, but they’re more innovative, and they can do the job faster or cheaper or more effectively. Now that is what I care about because it benefits me. 

Do you see what I’m getting at here?  

So I’ve been asked by a follower to give more massage therapy business examples. So I’ll try to do that. 

Say you just created a marketing piece; you list all of the different massages that you provide: hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, etc.

Okay, who cares? Why would I be interested in a hot stone massage or hot stone therapy? What does it do for me? How does it benefit me? You offer deep tissue massage. That’s great. Who cares? What does it do for me? What are the results that I get from it? 

I recently saw a picture for a local business around me with one of their gigantic CNC machines. And it listed all the features it has. It’s got this particular coolant and all this list of specs. And we could easily say, “Well, why should I care?” What does that feature allow that machine to do? What’s the benefit of that feature? Does it save me time, money, expenses, liability? 

As you’re creating your marketing message, and you’re writing out the copy, put yourself in the mind of your client or customer, and go through each statement and ask yourself, “Can I respond to this by saying, why should I care? Who cares?” And if you can, rework it, or take it out, and make sure that every statement is geared toward why the customer should care. Clearly communicate why it’s important to them, how it benefits them.

When you start doing that, you’ll begin seeing a lot better return on your marketing and your messages.

 I hope that helps. If a complete workshop on how to have a system to create effective marketing messages would help you and your business, then send me an email at aaron@custombusinessgrowthsolutions.com or schedule a 15-minute info call to get more information on how we can help.

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