It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Some businesses are licking their chops and wringing their hands.

They are excited about the possibility of the economy slowing down and an upcoming recession, and you could be too.

Now, why in the world would you look forward to a slow economy or a recession?
…because you know good business.

You know that if you take the time or even work with an expert to figure out and implement the most effective marketing and business growth strategies now, then when a recession comes, all the weaker businesses get taken out, and you grow and gain market share.

Who gets taken out in a slow economy or a recession?

  • The businesses that haven’t figured out what their unique selling proposition is.
  • Or they aren’t clearly communicating their customer-focused benefits.
  • They don’t have multiple marketing channels driving in customers. They just use Facebook posting or Youtube or picture heavy print ads.
  • They haven’t created referral systems that create a conveyor belt of new customers.
  • They haven’t overcome sales barriers or developed customer satisfaction systems and customer penetration systems and value webs.

I could keep going, but the point is they haven’t developed or improved the necessary business methods that will not only enable them to survive a slowdown – but thrive in it.

When customers or other businesses start getting really picky about how they spend their money, who are they going to pick?

They will pick the business that has the most effective business operations and marketing.

That should be you!

Your business can be the obvious choice because it has the most benefits, the most value, and the most satisfied customers.

The rest are going to struggle and even shut down handing you more market share and revenue.

So if you’re a business owner and you hear all the scary news reports, and you see the market go up and down every day, and all the worry about the economy slowing down or a global recession happening –  it’s vital that you prepare your business for it.

Develop the right strategies now, and then you can peace of mind and even look forward to a slowdown happening because it’s going to weed out all of your competition.

If you’d like to know more about what it takes to have that peace of mind and to have a business that not only sustains but can even grow in a slow, bad economy, then please reach out and contact me.

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