I’m going to continue sharing how you can create a value web for your business to increase the average transaction amount. If you didn’t read the last blog post, you might want to stop reading this one and go back and read this one, where I introduced the idea of a value web and talked about the value ladder. In this post, we’re going to talk about the upsell. An upsell is simply selling more of the same product or service. You see this all the time, and McDonald’s made this famous with the whole “supersize me” aspect of things.

Mc D's

Do you want more pop and french fries with your burger? Well, supersize me! Sell me more at a greater discount. So at a greater value.

Now, look at your product or service and ask yourself if you can offer more of your product for a greater value? I’m currently working with a chiropractor, and he already has this in place in his business. When I started working with him, he would offer a care package where you can pay initially for each visit, and it was a certain price per visit. But if you bought more visits upfront, or paid for your whole care plan, which is about 24 adjustments all at once, then You saved a certain amount. So that was an upsell. He sold more adjustments for a greater discount.

If you have a hair salon, could you offer to sell a package of haircuts at a discounted price?

If you’re a massage therapy studio, could you sell a package of massages at a discounted price? That’s a simple upsell.

get more salesAnd you can get more income right away and possibly increase the transaction amount that you’re getting by doing that.
The key is to make sure that when you create your upsell, you think through what you can do when they come in for those pre-purchased visits. That’s when you can offerer your higher values, your add ons, and your complementary products and services to make sure that you’re not actually losing money, but making even more on the upsell deal.

I hope that helps you out and makes you think more on your own value web. We’re going to be talking about the cross-sells and down-sells future posts.

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