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What Is our Process?

Good for you! You’re checking us out. You want to know what we actually do that gets such amazing results. We can’t let you see everything behind the curtain, but we’re happy to explain our process.

 CBGS is a part of a network of rare consultants and agencies. We evaluate and improve almost every category of your business but focus on the areas that increase profit generation.

Step 1: Intro

It Starts with some questions

The first step in our process is getting to know each other. We only work with businesses that are a good fit and that we can actually help. So we start with some questions to discover who you are, what your business is like, and what is its current condition. If there seems to be potential, we take the next step.

Step 2: Initial Research

We look at your potential

The next step in our process has us collecting information about your current business and marketing efforts. We then do a bit of research on our end to create a report on where you stand among your primary competition, what potential there is for your business to dominate the market, and what the income growth potential could be if we worked together.

We then go over all of this information with you, and if we both agree to move forward, we create a working agreement and agree on the scope of work and our compensation.

Our primary compensation, and what ensures we’re going to grow your business, is a percentage of the growth that happens from working with us. We also charge a monthly retainer to ensure you’re invested, committed to work on things and it also guarantees exclusivity on our side (we only work for you, in your market and area). 

Step 3: Dig Deep

Now that we’re working together – we dig deep

Once we’ve made a working agreement, we go into a deep research phase. We schedule a series of meetings to go over every aspect of your business. We look over the market, competition, target audiences, employee research, business operations, etc. This process can take 3+ weeks depending on the size and scope of your business and your availability to meet with us and that we acquire the information and resources we need.

During this time we also give you initial strategies to implement to begin seeing immediate growth results. Our goal is for your business to increase enough in the first few weeks to already make up for our retainer costs so that you’re paying us completely out of new growth. 

Step 4: Development and Implementation

We Start Growing

Using all the information we’ve gathered and uncovered during our research, we develop and prioritize an action plan of growth strategies that are either missing, ineffective, or inefficient in your business.

Then the real fun begins.

We begin meeting consistently with alternative type meetings. Type 1 is a development meeting. We chose a specific action plan strategy and develop how that strategy will be specifically implemented into your business and what results it should produce. Type 2 is an implementation meeting where we enact the plan, choose who is doing what and when it will be completed.

At each meeting, we go over the actions of the previous meeting and measure the effectiveness and outcomes.

Step 5: Results and Improvements

Measure, Test & Improve

Now that we are implementing growth strategies, we always measure the results, make adjustments and test ways we can make them more effective and profitable.

Is it your turn?

If you would like to see how our system could improve your business, and what the potential for market domination, profit increase, and your own peace of mind is…then set up an intro call to start the conversation.

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