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How Steinke Chiropractic Tripled Revenue In Less Than a Year

We started working with Steinke Family Chiropractic in January of 2019 and by September they sent us a few messages that they were bringing in triple the revenue than before. This was the result of their hard work, taking action by hiring business and marketing help (not only CBGS but others), and implementing effective growth strategies.


The right strategies make the difference

iiWhat Changed?

Over the course of 9 months Steinke Chiropractic implemented these essential growth strategies:

Developing and using an effective Unique Advantage statement on their website and marketing, setting them apart from the competition.

Dialing in on the ideal target audience for their specific practice instead of trying to reach everyone at once.

Using targeted social media ads to generate leads.

Developing a fear and risk reversal strategy and implementing it, increasing their conversion rates.

Creating a referral system to motivate and reward referrals


-Other Ways We helped

New website design with effective marketing and growth strategies that included:

  • Headlines with unique customer benefits.
  • Improved usability and experience
  • Lead generation through beneficial information downloads
  • Fear and risk reversal’s and FAQ’s

Marketing material copywriting with customer-focused content

Workshops to help employees recognized and capitalize on key moments of customer service.

We love seeing our clients succeed and celebrating with them!

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ONe Strategy = Major improvement for Capitol Macintosh

When we were first getting started as a company we were able to help Capitol Macintosh implement a single strategy that brought in $1,000’s more a month.


The power of the value web

What is a value web?

One of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to increase revenue is by developing and using a value web. A value web maximizes the revenue and profits you generate from each customer.

Capitol Macintosh charged a standard $95 bench fee for evaluating and working on a computer. Once we established a value web for them, they began to bring in $1000’s more each month.

When we learned how the technicians worked with computers, we were able to separate their work into a basic service and an additional “Ten-Point Tune-Up” that was offered for only $9.95. This simple 10% add-on was accepted by most of their customers and generated $1000-$2000 extra income each month and was work that the technicians were already doing, but not charging for. If people turned down the additional service, it saved time and work for the technicians.

Another extra service package totaling $150 was offered that included a year of computer health monitoring service. This ensured customer engagement, future service, and was able to serve their customers better.

What Could a Value Web do for your business!

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Leads! More Leads!

One of the ways we help clients is by using targeted, instant response marketing strategies. What is “instant response marketing” you say? It’s marketing in such a way that you are getting measurable, immediate result or response. Here’s how it worked for Apples Realty.


Generating Massive Leads

How it worked

We were hired by Apples Team Realty to do one thing – generate leads. They knew that they did not have the time or know-how to use social media, but they also understood it’s power.

We created a targeted, instant response marketing strategy using several Facebook ad campaigns. First, we collected research on their ideal clients’ wants and needs. Next, we developed beneficial information that would attract those ideal clients. We then created very specific targeted Facebook ads offering this helpful information as a free download. This generated a list of clients who were interested in either buying or selling a home in their market area.

According to most real estate research, 50% of people who inquire about buying or selling a home, do so in the next 9-18 months. As long as the agent can continue a relationship with the leads generated for at least 18 months (unfortunately most don’t create an adequate system to do so), they have an excellent chance of converting 50% of the leads.

We’ll let you do the math on how much potential income from commissions we generated for the Apples team.

Are you effectively using targeted, instant results marketing?

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